Od 24. januára 2020 rozšírila náš tím kancelárie v Banskej Bystrici dobrovoľníčka Sara Mattera z Talianska, ktorú hosťujeme vďaka Európskemu zboru solidarity po dobu jedného roka.

Sara napísala niečo o sebe:

"My name is Sara, and I am 30 years  old and I come from a small island in the South of Italy,  called Ischia. I made the decision to volunteer in European Solidarity Corps last October.  I came out of an hard and complicated time of my life  to which was added the frustration of not find a permanent job. I studied communication  and in the last five years I have worked in this field, especially as journalist but the working situation in Italy is not so good, especially in my island. So I sent my application for ESC, hoping that this experience can give me new opportunity.  My destination is Banska Bystrica, in Slovakia  where I will help the association “ Platforma dovrovoľníckych centier a organizácií”  which I am a guest to spread the idea of volunteering with an ad hoc communication project."

Na projekte s názvom Objav dobrovoľníctvo! / Discover Volunteering!  spolupracujeme s talianskou organizáciou Noi@Europe.


ESC Sara loga