In the process of dealing with their situation, jobseekers encounter offers from the Labour Offices to participate in various activities or projects that are supposed to bring them new experiences, personality development or competencies that can increase their chances of finding a job on the labour market.

Volunteering is seen as a tool that leads to the above and therefore may be a suitable tool for some job seekers to meet some of their needs whilst unemployed.

Our first experience with the involvement of registered job seekers dates back to 2012-2014, when we implemented the VOLWEM project. One of its outputs was the creation of a tool to measure the development of competencies acquired through volunteering. You can read more about D-skills for employment HERE.

On the basis of our own experience, as well as foreign studies confirming the positive impact of volunteering on people, we established cooperation with the Centre for Labour, Social Affairs and Family. Through the individual Labour Offices, we announce the opportunity for volunteering to potential individuals among registered job seekers interested in volunteering.

The aim is to:

  1. inform about the nature of volunteering as defined by the Volunteering Act.
  2. provide interested persons with contacts to regional volunteer centres.
  3. provide information on available volunteering opportunities in the regions of Slovakia.
  4. present D-skills as a tool for verification of acquired competencies
  5. present the "With volunteers and we know" Quality Brand as a tool to identify a professional organisation.

Those interested in volunteering can find all the information and contacts to the regional centres on the website WWW.DOBROVOLNICTVO.COM

These activities are supported by the grant of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic "Programmes for Youth 2014 - 2020", which is administered by IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute.