Membership in CEV

The Platform is the member of European Volunteer Centre (CEV) located in Brussels.

CEV associates more than 80 national, regional, and local volunteer centres and agencies active in the volunteer development around Europe. CEV promotes and supports volunteering through advocacy, knowledge-sharing, capacity building, and training. The work of this network has a direct impact on thousands of volunteers and volunteer involving organizations which are looking for a support through volunteer centres and brings European values and dimensions into their work.

Together with other European networks active in the area of volunteering, CEV is sharing strategies, information, and experience and good practices in order to secure the fulfilment of the goals of 2011 – the European Year of Volunteering. It does it also through the implementation of individual recommendations summarized in the Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe.

Our current president Alžbeta Mračková is also a member of board of CEV. She is attending various conferences and workshops organized by CEV, where she either participates or facilitates subgroups, which come with recommendations for further actions volunteering policy.

In 2014 she attended CEV VIEWSS Policy Conference in Turin. The event gathered around 150 participants from across Europe who worked in subgroups to formulate recommendations for a policy document on the engagement of volunteers in the delivery of welfare and social services. Pictures and some of the speeches from the event are available here and the final report and recommendations document will soon be available online. Read more here.


Internship is one of the activities CEV organizes for its members. Our member – Tatiana Matulajová – participated in the internship organized in 2012. To find out more about it, you can watch this short video.


The Committee for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations

The Platform is the member of the Committee for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations where it advocates for the benefit of the volunteer development in Slovakia.

•    The Platform was participating on the preparation of the the Strategy of Civil Society Development in Slovakia approved by the Slovak Government in February 2012.

•    The members of the Platform were working on the preparation of the Law on Volunteering.