Volunteering Week is a nationwide campaign to promote volunteering and the work of voluntary organisations. It brings diverse volunteering activities to the attention of the general public all over Slovakia, in which anyone can participate, regardless of previous experience with volunteering.

In recent years, Volunteering Week has always been held from 16 to 22 September. The idea of the Week is a continuation of the Day of Volunteering, which was first organised in 2009 by C.A.R.D.O. - National Volunteer Centre. The campaign is held in cooperation with the regional volunteer centres, which organise activities in each region.

During the Week of Volunteering, organisations create various volunteering activities in which anyone (friends, companies, schools) can participate and selflessly help organisations in the different regions of Slovakia. It can be an open day, a volunteering activity or various workshops on volunteering. Most of the time it is a simple activity such as clearing up the environment, facilities - either exterior or interior, painting, mowing or raking grass. Often it is also about working with the clients of the organisations - various workshops, activities, walks and meetings with the clients. 

The whole campaign - organisations signing up, posting volunteering opportunities as well as signing up volunteers - is done through www.tyzdendobrovolnictva.sk

Volunteering Week is organised across Slovakia by individual regional volunteer centres: Bratislava Volunteer Centre, Banská Bystrica Volunteer Centre, Nitra Volunteer Centre, Prešov Volunteer Centre, Trenčín Volunteer Centre and Žilina Volunteer Centre. 

In 2021, 2,280 volunteers were involved in the campaign across Slovakia, working 6,555 volunteer hours.