Project duration: November 2014 – April 2016

The international project Wake-up Call connected
partners from five EU countries with the goal to increase the quality of
volunteer management with the special attention to the position of volunteer

Within the project, the partnership created:

  Occupational Profile for Volunteer Manager

   Quality Standards for Volunteer Programs

  Volunteer Management Training Curriculum

for Validation of Competences for Volunteer Managers 

The implementation of a survey focused on the
opinion of respondents on the role and profile of volunteer coordinators, their
professional and personal qualities but also quality standards for the work
with volunteers was part of this project. In Slovakia, the questionnaire was filled
in by 130 respondents.

Survey Report 
in Slovak

results of the Survey

This project was one of the activities that inspired
the Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations to negotiate with the
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family and enforce the inclusion the
profession of 
a Volunteer
 into the Slovak
national catalogue of professions.

The results and products of this project were
introduced at 
conference in Bucharest
 and also
at the national conference in Bratislava called Volunteer Coordinator as a Profession – an Ideal or Reality? The
latter one was attended by 99 participants from throughout Slovakia.

Project outcomes in English can be found at http://conference.provobis.ro/.


Romanian association ProVobis was the main coordinator of the project. Other project
partners were: organization 
SMART from Croatia, an organization Brivpratigais.lv from
Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány
from Hungary and the Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations.