logo_v02CIVCIL: Competent in Volunteering, Competent in Life

Period: March 2015- February 2017


The Platform is the coordinator of an international project CIVCIL. We cooperate on this project with Volunteer Center in Cluj, Romania,with Volunteer Center in Osijek, Croatia, with University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Pedagogical Lyceum Gheorghe Sincai Zalau, Romania and with Citizens Democratic Initiative Project in Croatia..

Project CIVCIL focuses on young people with fewer opportunities to become volunteers. The main aim of the project is the social inclusion and  better integration of young people with disabilities and few opportunities to society through volunteering and thanks to recognition and validation of competences acquired during their voluntary activities. This goal will be realized by creating and adapting an online tool which recognises and validates these competences and strengthens their employability.  In Slovakia this tool was created in 2014 – V-skills for employment (D-zručnosti pre zamestnanie). This tools enables our partners in Romania and Croatia to create their own tools adapted for specific conditions in their countries. We will also create a European website on which we´ll present tools existing in our country and in other European countries as well.

Second part of the project deals with a creation of outlines and training materials and as well as with training of management of volunteers focused on young people with disabilities. These programs aim to train organisations to work with people with a certain type of a disability and on subsequent participation of these people in volunteering. 

The expected result  will not only include the engagement of young people with disabilities to volunteering, but also the improvement of managment of young volunteers with disabilities in organizations and promotion of volunteering in countries participation on the project.