Parliamentary elections March 2016

(in preparation)


Municipal elections 2014

The Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations  decided to address  candidates for the posts of mayors of regional capitals with questions referring to volunteering. These 66 candidates have asked to meet the following questions:

  • How would you contribute to the development of volunteering and in development / functioning of volunteer centers?
  • Are you interested to support financially the creation / the functioning of a Volunteer Center? 
  • Are you interested to promote direct subsidies, respectively. grant schemes or other financial mechanism to support volunteering?

Establishing and developing volunteer centers in Slovakia is a part of the promotion of volunteering and volunteer centers, which we prepared in 2013 in cooperation with the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for the Development of Civil Society. This program is the government’s key partner in the development of volunteering.

Candidates could have sent us their answers to our questions till 4 November 2014. Of the 66 respondents answered 29 candidates.

For individual answers, please click here (Slovak version). 

Elections to the European Parliament 2014

The Platform volunteer centers and organizations before the elections to the European Parliament decided to encourage the selection of candidates  and to support the emergence of Intergroup for Volunteering. The emergence of such a group would ensure that the European Parliament would be strategically devoted to the theme of volunteering.

We contacted by email 30 candidates, whom we invited to sign a pledge that they would promote volunteer work after the election and the formation of Intergroup in the area of ​​volunteering. The promise was a part of a document on volunteering, which we sent to candidates. The document informed about the basic points that need to be done in terms of promoting a vision of volunteering in the EU.

We received completed and signed pledges from candidates till May 5, 2014. On that date we received seven completed and signed commitments from Jozef KollárMiroslav MikolášikVeronika RemišováBranislav ŠkripekStanislav TrnovecJozef ViskupičJana Žitňanská.

In addition to the candidates listed above, to promote volunteering was also promised by Katarína Neveďalová and Viera Dubačová. Their pledges were not sent in writing but have said that after the election they would promote volunteering.

Law on the Aid in Material Need 

We have questioned the Amendment of Act No. 599/2003 Collection of Laws on the Aid in Material Need

On Friday, December 6, 2013, the President of the Platform approached the ombudsman JUDr. Jana Dubovcová with the questions related to the new amendment of Act No. 599/2003 on the aid in material need. According this amendment, every person getting the support in material needs can get it only if he/she participates in volunteering. The duty and the remuneration are in the direct conflict with the law on volunteering which is cited in this amendment. The law on volunteering is stating that a volunteer is a person who out his/her free and without any financial gain provides a voluntary activity based on his/her ability, skill and knowledge for another person (with the consent of this person) or for common good and fulfils conditions stated in this act if a voluntary activity. Both basic characteristics of volunteering – activity done without financial gain and based on free will – are violated by this amendment. The ombudsman promised to inform the authors about this conflict. We will inform you about further steps in this area.


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