Consultations on work with volunteers

Would you like to engage volunteers into your organization? Do you want this cooperation to be as effective as possible? Or are you already working with volunteers but you feel there is a space for improvement ( maybe you are tackling a difficult problem, considering change or you need an advice regarding the Law on Volunteering)? Contact us and we will arrange a consultation for you – individual, via phone or email. Given the area of your work, experience and geographic situation, we can find a suitable consultant for you.

Consultations related to the establishment of a Volunteer Centre

Do you feel that your city/region lacks an organization active in volunteering? An organization that would match NGOs with volunteers and providing information and services in the area of volunteer development? Are you considering to establish a new Volunteer Centre? We can provide you with necessary support and help. If you have any questions, please, contact us. We will be glad to answer any questions regarding the establishment and successful operation of a Volunteer Centre.